About BluePath

BluePath is an accessibility website for people with disabilities – ALL kinds of disabilities. It connects local consumers and their families with local businesses who want to work together towards a more accessible world by providing the tools needed to identify barriers to accessing a business and their goods and services. And, BluePath is a marketing web page for businesses and programs that meet a level of accessibility and are committed to making efforts to effectively serve people with a disability.

BluePath was the brain child of Don Brandon of the Northwest ADA Center in partnership with others. Don believed that businesses would value the buying power of the disability market as they learned more about it and, as a result, they would continue to make efforts to be as accessible as possible, complying with the ADA in the process. People with a disability would benefit from knowing that they could visit a business that may not be perfectly accessible but was “on the path” to full accessibility.

BluePath is NOT the ADA Police. Instead BluePath strives to help businesses understand the value in the ADA. Offering a level of accessibility can bring in valued employees and customers, and increase revenue at an affordable cost.

BluePath is a FREE service for people with disabilities and a FREE marketing tool for businesses to reach the disability market of $490 billion in discretionary spending.

BluePath is a cooperative project of a number of nonprofit organizations managed by Disability Action Center NW of northern Idaho with support of Lane Independent Living Alliance (LILA) of Eugene, Oregon; Washington Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment (GCDE); Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC) in Boise, Idaho; Living Independently for Everyone (LIFE) in southeast Idaho, and Access Music City in Nashville, Tenessee.