University of Idaho Student Union Building by Briley Thompson

The ISUB is designed to be accessible, but in many ways it falls short. There is some accessible parking, but it is a bit far from the building, and in winter with the Idaho snow this could become a problem. The design between the ISUB and the TLC becomes confusing and although there is signage, some of it is ineffective due to location, or lack of contrast between colors. There are buttons to help aid in opening doors for those who may be unable to, but with COVID protocols some of these have become unusable or ineffective. The elevators have braille, but the doors will close when something is in the way, which could be painful or an issue for those who may have trouble getting in and out of the elevator. Brochures and some other items are placed out of reach from those who are in a wheelchair, and the depths of the countertops can become a barrier for those in a chair as well, limiting their reach and accessibility of the sinks and soap in the bathroom. The restrooms on the third floor, which is mostly offices and student services, have accessible stalls, but the entryways are too narrow for them to qualify as being ADA accessible. It is obvious that the intention was to create an ADA compliant and accessible space, but when it is observed down to the level of detail required to ensure that it actually is accessible, it falls short. However, it successfully creates a lively and welcoming student atmosphere where people can receive the services they need to succeed.