Starbucks by Elizabeth Vos

The counter height is appropriate for those with wheel chair assistance to order and also receive their drinks from. Menu is hung up behind the service counter and is legible from a distance. The bathroom may be hard to locate as it is behind the service counter and down the hallway with no signage to get there. There is one unisex bathroom and it is ADA accessible. The pathways are wide enough, however the seating is tight for wheelchair users to maneuver around. Most of the furnishings are adjustable and movable and allow for flexibility. This Starbucks location is accessible from the interior, however from the exterior it is lacking for those who need extra assistance. There is a zero step threshold however, the doors are heavy and there is no buzzer for the entrance. Users will have to enter through the VandalStore if the buzzer is needed. For parking, there are several accessible spots located the the left of the building, closest to the nearest entrance, as well as to the right of the building, closest to the VandalStore entrance.