Nectar Restaurant and Wine Bar by Elna Albano

Parking: there are a few private, accessible parking spots in the Jackson Street Lot which is within one city block of the restaurant. I believe there are also some spots behind the nearby fire station that are available past 6 pm.rnEntrance: the entrance has a ramp up to the front doorway, but the door is not the easiest to open.rnInterior: the tables are all pretty tightly packed, making many of the smaller tables inaccessible for those with mobility restrictions. The most accessible tables require getting through the others, which can sometimes prove quite difficult.rnRestrooms: the main restroom is an accessible size and is easy to access.rnThe atmosphere of the restaurant is wonderful once you get settled. The servers are warm and friendly, and the food brings many unique, local, and delicious items to Moscow. The prices are slightly higher than the Moscow norm, but are worth it! They have a full bar with an extensive list of craft cocktails, as well as a huge selection of local and imported wines.